Thankfully there are now more people like Eddie Punch from the ICSA talking about the full cost of production on Irish farms. When I first started looking into the way Food Harvest 2020 was prepared I was immediately concerned by this promotion of only half the picture. That and what appeared to be a general reluctance to analyze the implications of strategic options on farm incomes is why I am so concerned for the future of the Irish family farm.

One of the documents I read at the time was published by Teagasc in 2011. Yes it was after the publication of FH2020 but, to be frank, it is the kind of work that should have been done as a part of the development of FH2020. It should also have been a key document with respect to decisions made regarding major recent investments in the dairy processing sector. Having said that, it is unlikely that it was a one off research project and the comparative position of Irish dairying was probably of no great surprise to the authors.

The report can be downloaded from the link below. It is long so maybe just read the summary.



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