Stuart Meikle is an agricultural management and policy specialist, an economist, a writer and an advisor. He was brought up with agriculture and studied at Wye College, the University of London. He joined the World-leading faculty on graduating with First Class Honours and spent several years teaching, researching and consulting. He specialised in farm and agricultural business analysis, evaluating farming systems, appraising farm and agribusiness investment, and the use of management accounting techniques in agriculture and horticulture. His career has seen him advising governments, the World Bank and the IFC, NGOs, universities and private businesses in places as far afield as SE and Central Asia, the Caucuses, the Levant, SE Europe and the United Kingdom. Over the years he has developed a particular focus on agricultural and food sector strategy at the national and regional levels and linking rural development initiatives with the final retail consumer through the food supply chains. He lived in the old principality of Transylvania for more than a decade from 2002; a location to which he was appointed as the United Kingdom’s first British Honorary Consul. Nowadays he and his family live in southern Ireland.


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  1. Mike Donovan says:

    Hello Stuart – I read your article on ‘Grass Fed’ with real interest, as it covered many points relevant to readers of Practical Farm Ideas PFI. Many are looking for ways to add value but find themselves stuck in a B2B business. I’d like to tell you more about PFI and would be happy to help produce any article. The publication is 25 years old and the 100th issue is on sale Feb 8. It is the only farming magazine to carry no advertising and have no sponsorship – the all-editorial model makes it independent of BigAg which has a significant influence on much farming media.

    Best wishes, Mike Donovan

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